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The Importance of Personal Communication

How many times have you heard that good leaders are good communicators?  They have to be able to describe their overarching mission, detail their vision and clearly articulate the value of those working for and around them.  While that is certainly all true, it is often the smaller and more personal forms of communication that [...]

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Thoughts on The Long Road Home

Typically in my blog posts I focus on leadership and veteran employment, but this week I feel compelled to talk about the book I just read. Or perhaps a better word would be “devoured.” Martha Raddatz’ masterpiece, The Long Road Home, is the inspiration for the National Geographic miniseries by the same name, and was [...]

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Overcoming Adversity Starts With Personal Leadership

We love hearing stories about people who overcome incredible adversity and hardship to later soar to great heights.  We are familiar with the stories of Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Senator John McCain, and are drawn to them because they are so inspirational.  Similarly, when I read Laura Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken” several years ago, I [...]

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Leadership Lesson: Humility Commands Respect, Hubris Doesn’t

At two of my speaking events this week, we included a Question-and-Answer period afterwards, and although the two audiences were quite different, I did field very similar questions.  The hardworking professionals at the New York Federal Reserve and the diligent students in the upper-level management class at UNC-Wilmington both asked me, among other things, about [...]

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The Business Case for Hiring Veterans

In 2016, SHRM reported that more than two-thirds of organizations hiring full-time staff were having a difficult time recruiting for job openings1. Veterans often possess the experience, capabilities, attitude and desire for these open positions, but hiring veterans is difficult for many organizations due to a lack of understanding how their skills translate into the private [...]

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Leadership in the Millennial Workplace

As someone who regularly speaks to corporations and associations about effective leadership and personal growth, I am often asked about Millennials and the supposed challenges they bring to today’s marketplace.  Sometimes I jokingly say that George Grant, the Navy Corpsman who saved my life in Iraq, was only 25 years old at the time, so [...]

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Leadership and the Importance of Building Resiliency

The business world is changing, and it takes new skills and attitudes to be successful.  Resiliency is key mental attribute of successful leaders.  After all, if you are leading without a plan or purpose and are not fortifying yourself and your teammates, you will likely become overwhelmed by the pace of information and challenges hurtling [...]

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Thoughts at the Train Station: Leadership Starts Locally

We’ve seen terrible destruction in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma – lost lives, entire towns leveled. We’ve also heard incredible stories of support, sacrifice and courage. Everyday people drove their boats straight into the dangerous floods to save the stranded. Complete strangers pulled one another to safety. Critical supplies were delivered to those [...]

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How Integrity Will Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Study after study has found that companies that have high, clear, and inspiring values consistently outperform other companies in the same industry who do not. We also know that those who perform at high levels are very clear about what they believe in, and those who perform at an average level are blurred as to [...]

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3 Steps to Start Leading in Your Community

A quick Google search for “leadership development” will instantly provide thousands of links to courses you can take to learn how to be a better leader at work.  Naturally, those are important, but only apply to a certain percentage of our population.  Certainly, far more of us can find leadership opportunities in our local communities [...]

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