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Thoughts at the Train Station: Leadership Starts Locally

We’ve seen terrible destruction in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma – lost lives, entire towns leveled. We’ve also heard incredible stories of support, sacrifice and courage. Everyday people drove their boats straight into the dangerous floods to save the stranded. Complete strangers pulled one another to safety. Critical supplies were delivered to those [...]

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How Integrity Will Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Study after study has found that companies that have high, clear, and inspiring values consistently outperform other companies in the same industry who do not. We also know that those who perform at high levels are very clear about what they believe in, and those who perform at an average level are blurred as to [...]

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3 Steps to Start Leading in Your Community

A quick Google search for “leadership development” will instantly provide thousands of links to courses you can take to learn how to be a better leader at work.  Naturally, those are important, but only apply to a certain percentage of our population.  Certainly, far more of us can find leadership opportunities in our local communities [...]

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Preparing For Effective Leadership: 3 Key Focal Points For All of Us

Everyone can grow to be an excellent leader, if that is what you want to do. Leaders are made, not born.  And if you want to be an excellent leader, it is just like anything else - you have to study and watch others and learn and put your time in and become identified as [...]

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Law Firm Leadership: Developing and Implementing Your Vision

Winston Churchill said, “The empires of the future are empires of the mind.” Like many successful military and business leaders throughout the ages, Churchill knew that every desired goal starts with an exciting vision. True law firm leaders project into the future and imagine what that ideal future will look like. A big question a [...]

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Corporate Leadership – The Human Touch

PenFed has 1,500 employees, and we had the opportunity to talk with 400 of them while we were in Omaha.  And I think if more companies or government agencies did what James did, employees would be much happier in the workplace and feel more connected at work.  As I told James, due to the nature [...]

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You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

Despite suffering a gunshot wound to the head in Iraq, Justin shows us that we are all capable of overcoming life’s toughest challenges. Justin chooses the glass to be half full, not half empty, and encourages all of us to live life in the future, not the past.

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The Value of Vision

Henry Ford visualized a car every family could afford. Steve Jobs dreamed of putting a computer in the hands of everyday people.  General Dwight Eisenhower envisioned using not only military strength but economic aid, diplomacy and information to stabilize fragile nations, a concept that is particularly important 70 years later.  What is your vision, and [...]

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Leadership Through Personal Reflection

I was recently fortunate enough to be accepted into the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program, which is sponsored by the presidential libraries of Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson. Needless to say, our classes our taught by some heavy hitters, the guest speakers are deep thinkers and leaders [...]

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Five Important Lessons That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Straight Outta Compton

Five Important Lessons That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Straight Outta Compton I wouldn’t say that NWA was my favorite group in the late 80’s and 90’s, but I certainly listened to my fair share of them. There is no doubt that the members collectively and individually had a huge effect on the music industry, and [...]

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