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From “We Will” To “At Will”

A Handbook for Veteran Hiring, Transitioning, and Thriving in the Workplace

Each year, more than a quarter of a million service members embark on a journey – both literal and figurative – as they transition from the “we will” culture of the military to the “at will” reality of the civilian workforce. This handbook was designed not only to inspire employers to hire veterans and military spouses, but to empower them to create organizational cultures where veterans can thrive. Here, you can find case studies, call-outs, and data; state-of-the-art resources and tools for recruiting and hiring; and fresh insights into the veteran experience.

Transition out of the military can also be intimidating for our veterans and military spouses. Many of them struggle to describe their military duties on their resumes in a way that corporate America can understand. Many have never sat through an official job interview before, or are not sure where to go to find companies that want to hire them. Therefore, not only is each chapter chock-full of guidance and resources for employers, but we have also included material from a wide variety of sources that will greatly benefit veterans and military spouses in their transitions so they can thrive in the civilian workplace.

Key Takeaways

  • Readers will benefit from the input of over 50 corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

  • Learn from the wide variety of learning points, best practices and case studies.

  • We can all take proactive steps to break down the “civ-mil divide”.

  • Organizations should hire veterans because of the inherent ROI in doing so.
  • All organizational leadership should understand the business case for hiring veterans.

  • Veterans and military spouses need to invest time in identifying their best paths forward, and then use the lessons in this handbook to make those plans a reality.


An impactful resource for those supporting your veteran employment efforts

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Who This Book Is For

HR Professionals

Many civilians with no military experience do not understand the business case for hiring veterans. It is imperative for HR Professionals and Recruiters to understand what a critical difference they can make in your workplace, and how to onboard them in an impactful way.

Military Spouses

Even in our current tight labor market, unemployment and under-employment rates for military spouses is unacceptably high. This book include organizations, programs and best practices focused specifically on our military spouses and their distinctive situations.


Finding the right job and career after the military takes focused effort, and includes far more than writing a good resume. Veterans already have the skills necessary to succeed in today’s business climate, but need to spend time learning the nuts and bolts of a successful transition.

Corporate Leaders

Managers, supervisors and C-level executives should all understand the business case for hiring veterans and what a difference veterans and military spouses can make in their offices. This book details best practices that have worked in the private sector and can be implemented across industries.


Praise For From “We Will” to “At Will”

This book bridges the civil-military divide in veteran hiring. It’s a must-read not only for veterans and military spouses but for employers and HR professionals looking to take advantage of the capabilities veterans/military spouses bring to the workforce.

General George W. Casey, Jr. (Ret)

U.S. Army

Finally! Someone has taken the time to write a comprehensive how-to guide for HR to use when hiring veterans. The definitive book on veteran employment, written by the definitive leader in the space -Justin does it again!

Jack Fanous

founder and CEO, JobPath

I know the value our veterans and military spouses bring to the workplace, and Justin skillfully communicates that message to HR professionals across al industries and effectively bridges the gap to veteran hiring, career development, and growth.

Joseph M. DePinto

President & CEO, 7-Eleven, Inc.

Packed with insightful first-hand experiences from dozens of companies, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies, this is a must-read handbook for anybody making the transition from the military to the private sector.

Charles Sevola, Jr.

Vice President & Head of Prudential Veterans Initiatives

As the ranks of transitioning veterans swell, Justin delivers a vital and comprehensive guide for understanding today’s veterans, cultivating a military-friendly work environment, and managing the hiring process.

Diana Drysdale

President, PSEG Power Venture, PSEG Power

The solutions for effective veteran-hiring programs in From We Will to At Will are spot on and easy to relate to, understand, and most importantly, implement!

Lt. Gen. Mike Linnington, (Ret.)

U.S. Army

As a veteran myself and someone who works very closely with a lot of other veterans who are transitioning to their next career after the military, it is so refreshing to read Justin’s book. His collaborative efforts here to bring us the best practices utilized by thought leaders in the veteran employment space, as well as providing so much of his expert insight, results in an invaluable resource for HR professionals, transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses.

J. Patrick Law

Chairman of the Board, Defenders of Freedom

By drawing on his own experience and inspiring story, J. Constantine has created a guide to understanding and capturing the value in veteran hiring. This book lays out the compelling reasons to seek veteran hires and the benefits that their service background will bring to your organization.

Linda Woodruff

VP Human Capital and Motivation, Human Resources, Panasonic Corporation of North America